Past EventTechnology Ventures Corporation Deal Stream Summit

April 3, 2012 –

Technology Ventures Corporation in conjunction with Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and International Business Forum

Presents: Deal Stream Summit

Conference Overview: The Deal Stream Summit is the premier conference to facilitate investment partnerships between federal labs and the venture community. It provides investors with deal flow opportunities by gaining access to cutting-edge innovation emerging from national laboratories.

History: This annual conference is focused on supporting IP-protected research-based technologies, startups and entrepreneurial talent. It has facilitated funding for hundreds of companies and fueled the commercialization of laboratory R&D and IP. More than $1B have been invested in the companies presenting at previous symposia.

Deal Flow Focus: Hear from federal labs and start-up companies in following areas:

  • Energy
  • Clean-tech
  • Biosciences
  • Informatics
  • Water resources
  • Mobile
  • Semiconductor
  • Materials

Examples of technologies that will be presented:

  • Argonne National Laboratory – Enhanced renewable methane production system
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory – Titanium dioxide for UV protective coatings
  • Idaho National Laboratory – Alpha silicon carbide direct
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Light up nanocluster probes for nucleic detection
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Wireless charging system for electric vehicles
  • Sandia National Laboratories – Surface mounted neutron generators
  • Savannah River National Laboratory – Porous-walled hollow glass microshperes
  • Y-12 National Security Complex – TiBor Skin – High-hardness coating

Benefits of Attending:

  • Inside look into successful innovation partnership models
  • Identify best practices for adapting laboratory technologies for the marketplace
  • Government’s role on cultivating technology
  • Direct access to seven DOE laboratories with over 23 emerging technologies
  • Investment approaches in federally funded laboratories

Audience Profile:

Venture capitalists, start-ups, research & development scientists, DOE laboratory technology, tech transfer executives from government and national labs, licensing officers, private equity investors, corporate development and new business development executives, corporate investors, corporate counsel, & spinout companies.