Aug 1, 2016 –

TVC recently held a series of weekly entrepreneur training sessions at Sandia National Laboratories that included the following topics:

A Guide to Entering the Entrepreneurial World
Todd Hunter of TVC talked about the entrepreneurial landscape inside and outside Sandia.

Real World Aspects of Managing a Start-Up Company
Richard Talcott of TVC talked about real world aspects of managing a startup company and building financial statements, and Raghu Kopalle of Innobright Technologies talked about the first 36 months of a tech startup.

Marketing and Productization of An Idea
Steve Cook of TVC talked about productization of an idea, and Scott Tyson of TVC explained the significance and types of market research and research methods.

IP/Legal Issues
Andrew Salazar of TVC and Chuck Call of Phase One Ventures shared investor preferences with respect to IP, and Daniel Jenkins of Sandia explained internal compliance issues related to IP at Sandia National Laboratories. Amongst the four sessions, 103 Sandians were in attendance.