SS&TP News

Young Leaders Learn from SS&TP Entrepreneurs»

Sep 1, 2017 – A group of young entrepreneurs from the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders recently visited the SS&TP as part of a 6-week intensive program, hosted by the University of New Mexico, focused on the entrepreneurial innovation and startup movement in NM. The Fellows heard from Park leaders such as Malini Hoover from Advanced Optical Technologies, Tony Tenorio from ATA, Mike Strizich from MicroNet Solutions, and Bob Sachs from TEAM Technologies, who shared their business experiences, successes, and challenges. The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative that empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking.

DOE/NNSA Tour Sandia and the SS&TP»

Sep 1, 2017 – Rochelle Blaustein, DOE’s Acting Director for the Office of Technology Transitions, and Lee Finewood, NNSA’s Technology Transfer Program Manager for the Office of Strategic Partnerships, recently toured the Sandia Science & Technology Park and were briefed on Sandia Labs’ economic development programs. DOE/NNSA has been a longstanding partner in the SS&TP.

New Owner for Park Building»

Aug 1, 2017 – Cooperative Educational Services (CES) recently acquired the Sandia Synergy Center (SSC), located in the Sandia Science & Technology Park.

New Leadership at ASI»

Aug 1, 2017 – Rachel Garcia is the new Lab Director of Analytical Solutions (ASI) in the SS&TP.

Park Companies Receive Flying 40 Award»

Aug 1, 2017 – Applied Technology Associates (ATA) and SolAero Technologies were recently honored as two of New Mexico’s top technology companies at the Flying 40 awards ceremony held at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens and Aquarium.

Entrepreneur Exploration»

Aug 1, 2017 – An Entrepreneur Exploration (EEx) panel discussion designed to help Sandians understand the internal legal and intellectual property process for commercializing Sandia National Laboratories’ technologies was recently held.