News ItemApril 2015 Park Post

Qynergy Moves to the Park – The company, which is located at TEAM Technologies, has moved its offices to the SS&TP. The company identifies, vets, and selects ideas with strong technology transfer potential. For selected ideas, Qynergy collaborates with inventors, customers, industry partners, and research centers to guide technology maturity through the notorious “Valley of Death” toward successful commercialization. The roadmap for this process is the Qynergy Accelerator Model, or QAM, which significantly increases the chances for a technology’s commercial success. Sandia is one of Qynergy’s primary partners, making the SS&TP location effective and convenient. Portal Locks Moves to the Park – Portal Locks is a technology startup company that was formed to develop and manufacture cyber security software and devices. The company offers computer and network port blocking and locking devices and software to control port access. Portal Locks devices have electronic serial keys and can only be opened with a handheld device equipped with a password and biometric authentication. The authentication scheme can also benefit multiple users required in high security areas. The company moved to the SS&TP due to its proximity to Sandia and other high-tech companies in the Park. Sandia Launches New Entrepreneurial Exploration & Training Program – Sandia recently launched its new Entrepreneurial Exploration & Training (EET) program. The EET program was developed 
to invigorate and inspire entrepreneurship at Sandia. The first event in this new series was held specifically for Sandia Principal Investigators (PIs) who are interested in learning about all of the exciting and new resources available to entrepreneurs. The launch of EET drew nearly 40 attendees. Speakers Gary Oppedahl from the City of Albuquerque’s Economic Development Department and John Freisinger from Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) presented the various partner provided resources available to the Sandia entrepreneur. Sandia’s Jackie Kerby Moore discussed the Sandia provided resources such as Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology, Sandia Technology Showcase, New Mexico Small Business Assistance, and C3. EET is a program of the Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3).

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