News ItemAugust 2015 Park Post

AEgis Acquires Company–AEgis Technologies has acquired Albuquerque-based EvaluMation, LLC. EvaluMation specializes in the development of high quality hardware and software used to acquire data, control systems, and automate processes and testing. Customers include Sandia National Laboratories, General Electric, and Siemens. AEgis worked with EvaluMation on a successful high energy laser weapon system test where the team delivered high quality data acquisition systems for the project. New staff members will work in the AEgis Albuquerque office and Laser Laboratory located in the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP).

New Equipment Increases MSI Capacity–MicroNet Solutions, Inc (MSI) recently acquired a Raith eLine Chipscanner100 SEM and a FEI Inspect50 SEM, increasing the work capacity at their facility in the SS&TP. MSI entered a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) to enhance its IC inspection and analysis capabilities. MSI has also been awarded a Phase II contract with the Missile Defense Agency. MSI provides Reverse Engineering, Patent Infringement, Anti-Tamper Design & Analysis services, and the Pix2Net Software Suite.

School in Session Soon–Technology Leadership High School (TLHS) will open its doors to 90 freshmen on August 17. TLHS recently converted a former office building into a space for project-based learning. The Sandia Science & Technology Park Development Corporation helped with the fiber optics to connect the internet. MOOG lent their conference room to TLHS for professional development. Additionally, Sandia donated 40, refurbished, laptop computers and will be assisting with computer networking. TLHS is thankful for all the support from the SS&TP and Sandia. The school is always looking to establish relationships with industry partners in the SS&TP and is currently looking for volunteers willing to share expertise, collaborate on curriculum design, and evaluate student exhibitions.

Center for Collaboration and Commercialization–An Entrepreneurial Exploration & Training (EET) Roundtable was held on July 9 at the SS&TP. Nearly 60 people attended to hear Rob Leland, Sandia Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, discuss his vision for Sandia entrepreneurs. Rob was joined by several current and former Sandians. Panel participants were Regan Stinnett, Sandia; Dan Neal, Abbott Medical Optics; Jim Novak, Sandia; and Todd Christenson, HT Micro. Three of these entrepreneurs utilized Sandia’s Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology (ESTT) program.

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