News ItemJuly 2013 Park Post

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) – The company, which is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona has recently opened an office in the SS&TP. PADT is an engineering service company that focuses on helping customers who develop physical products by providing Numerical Simulation, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping products and services. The PADT New Mexico office is focused on providing local sales, support, and services to their customers throughout the state including many SS&TP companies and Sandia National Laboratories. For more information, visit their website at; The QC Group Open House – The company hosted an open house on June 13. It was an informal gathering for Park leaders, Sandia employees, and the local business community to hear presentations of their services offered, tour the facility, and enjoy a barbeque lunch. The QC Group is a service provider for qualityrelated services including dimensional inspection measurements, reverse engineering with scanning, 3D CAD modeling, and more. Sandia is one of the company’s largest customers, making the SS&TP location cost-efficient and convenient; Emergency Call Boxes – The blue boxes along the streets of the SS&TP are now active and provide a means to obtain emergency help for the Park community. The Emergency Call Boxes, along with 16 high-resolution megapixel cameras, head-end equipment, alarm systems, and special building access features are part of the SS&TP’s new Fiber Optic Security System. The system was installed and is monitored by Industrial & Commercial Security Systems, Inc., an Albuquerque company, and enabled by a grant to the Sandia Science & Technology Park Development Corporation from the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration. For further information, contact Carl Becker at 505.843.1345 or; Procurement Roundtable – The SS&TP held a roundtable discussion with leaders from Sandia and Park companies on June 18. The meeting was an opportunity for company leaders to learn more about Sandia’s procurement process, discuss specific issues, and outline future opportunities to generate business with the Labs.

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