News ItemJuly 2018 Park Post

Anniversary Celebration for SolAero
SolAero Technologies Corp (at that time, EMCORE Photovoltaics) broke ground in May 1998 at the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP). In its first 3 years, SolAero’s products displaced silicon solar cells as the primary source of satellite power after it had been in continuous use since. SolAero continues to release new space solar power technology every 24 months, enabling technological innovation in space applications like telecommunications and exploration that have transformed how we live. Over the past 20 years, SolAero has powered over 380 satellites, with more than 1000 more planned over the next several years.

Major Contract for its New, Powerful Solar Cell
SolAero has won its first major contract for a new solar cell to provide more power with less weight for spacecraft. The technology, in development over 10 years, will be deployed on multiple satellites being built by SSL  in California. The 60-year-old company, owned by Maxar Technologies, has built more geostationary communications satellites in orbit than any other firm worldwide. SolAero has supplied solar cells for SSL’s  geostationary satellites for 20 years. But the latest contract marks a new milestone as SSL moves into low-earth-orbit technology. SolAero recently completed a $10 million upgrade to its facility in the Park where it now employs 320 people, up from 250 in early 2017.

SS&TP Community Advisory Council Annual Meeting
Members of the SS&TP Community Advisory Council recently convened at Raytheon, located in the Park. Council members heard about past and future activities and provided ideas for the 20-year anniversary of the Park. Presentations were made by SS&TP partners Union Development Corporation, Cooperative Educational Services, and REA Management about their new building projects and leasing opportunities in the Park. In addition, DOE/NNSA gave a presentation about the soon-to-be-built NNSA Albuquerque Complex.


Speedway Park, on Eubank near the entrance of Sandia National Laboratories and Kirtland Air Force Base, opened in 1950 and operated for three decades. Today, the Sandia Science & Technology Park resides in this location.

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