News ItemMarch Park Post 2017

SolAero Brings 100 New Jobs to the SS&TP
SolAero, a leading provider of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and composite structural products, announced a $10 million program investment to augment its existing solar panel production capabilities in support of the growing market for commercial satellite constellations. This significant commitment includes the construction of a new 40,000 square foot facility at its headquarters in the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP). Once complete,
this facility will contain the world’s only vertically-integrated, end-to-end satellite solar panel production capability. The project will create more than 100 new jobs at SolAero and its partners and will represent the leading industry benchmark for space solar power technology. The expansion will allow SolAero to supply solar panels for the OneWeb Satellite Constellation that will bring affordable internet access to the world.

SolAero Solar Cells Power UAVs

SolAero Technologies’ space-tested solar cells, built to power satellites and to withstand harsh conditions, will soon power unmanned aircraft made by Silent Falcon UAS Technologies in Albuquerque. SolAero is working with Silent Falcon to integrate the cells directly onto the wings of their UAV. Silent Falcon has also participated in the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) Program at Sandia. More information at and

EDA and MRCOG Tour Park
The SS&TP Program Office recently hosted Trisha Korbas, U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) Representative for New Mexico and West Texas, and Ann Simon, Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) Economic Development Program Manager. They were briefed on current events in the SS&TP and given a tour of the Park. The EDA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce, and MRCOG are two key partners in the SS&TP.

Entrepreneur Exploration

Sandia, in partnership with the New Mexico Angels and New Mexico Start-Up Factory, hosted the Sandia Technology Showcase which featured three presentations on Sandia IP available for licensing. Steven Hau presented Sandia’s Pulsed LED Driver, developed for combustion research and now available for machine vision, optical microscopes, and other applications; Clifford Ho presented Particle Power, which enables energy storage for concentrating solar; and Tristan Mahyera presented the Microfluidics IP portfolio, 50+ patents packaged for product development in biomedical diagnostics or other fields. More than 75 people, including potential investors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, government representatives, and Sandians, attended the event.

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