News ItemMay 2016 Park Post

SS&TP/C3 Community Advisory Council Meeting – On April 5, 30 members of the SS&TP/C3 Community Advisory
Council convened at TLHS for its annual meeting.  Council members heard about past and future activities, and provided input for Park and C3 initiatives.  The Council consists of business and community leaders. Advanced Optical Technologies, Innovative Reasoning, Qynergy, and the TLHS also introduced themselves as the newest companies and organizations in the Park. 

Company Leadership Luncheon – MCAD Technologies recently hosted the Company Leadership Luncheon for companies and organizations in the SS&TP.  Park leaders were able to network, announce updates, and learn about MCAD and their 3D printing.

Sandia Hosts Congressional Fellow – Sandia National Laboratories recently hosted Brian Crone, a Congressional Fellow from U.S. Representative Ben Ray Luján’s Washington, DC office.  Brian provides assistance with science and engineering issues that relate to policy and legislative matters under consideration by Congress. Brian was briefed on C3 and was  updated on our economic development programs at Sandia.

Raytheon Wins Contract for a “Directed-Energy” Missile – At a recent press conference, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, D-NM, announced a $10 million contract award that includes $4.8 million for Raytheon Albuquerque to refurbish two Counter-Electronics High-Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) missiles left over from the original CHAMP Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration contract that was completed in 2012; $3.8 million for the Air Force Research Laboratory and $1.4 million that Sandia received from the Air Force to refurbish the pulsed power driver for the CHAMP missiles.  Raytheon Albuquerque now employs 170 people in the Park and the new contract hopefully will lead to additional hiring.

Center for Collaboration and Commercialization – Two Entrepreneur Exploration Roundtables were recently held at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.  Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott, general partners with Wasabi Ventures, outlined their tech transfer and commercialization programs, which are designed to support researchers and scientists who want to see their technologies commercialized.  The second event was led by angel investor, ABQid board member, and Lotus Leaf Coatings CEO, Lawrence Chavez, who discussed specific startup metrics that illustrate the health of a company and best gauge what’s actually happening in the business.

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