News ItemMay 2018 Park Post

RED, Inc. Wins New Contracts
RED, Inc. Communications, a woman-owned small business located in the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP), was recently awarded three new contracts for their technical writing and editing, graphic design, web design and development, video production, and photography services. They received a one-year extension to their current Just-in-Time contract with Sandia National Laboratories, a five-year contract with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and a five-year contract with Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.

Raytheon’s Microwave Weapon Proved Its Worth

Raytheon Company, located in the SS&TP, built a new, highpowered microwave weapon to down swarms of incoming drones and missiles. The system was recently tested by the U.S. military. The prospect of incoming swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles is a rapidly-emerging battlefield threat, and the U.S. military is
considering laser and microwave, also known as directed energy weapons, as a way to counter them. Raytheon also worked with the military’s Counter-electronics High-Powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP, another directed energy system. Such work has grown Raytheon’s Albuquerque workforce to about 190 employees, with 50 more hires in the coming year.

SS&TP Company Leadership Luncheon
MicroNet Solutions, Inc. (MSI) recently hosted the SS&TP Company Leadership Luncheon at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. This event was an opportunity for Park and community leaders to learn about MSI, network with each other, and announce news. After the luncheon, MSI gave a tour of their facility. MSI offers patent infringement assessments, anti-tamper design and analysis, trusted design services, and complete physical and electrical extraction of circuit layouts and functionality.

In May 1998, the SS&TP was officially founded when EMCORE (now SolAero Technologies Corp) broke ground on their new 50,000-sq.-ft. facility in the Park. The company established its photovoltaics business at the Park through a technology transfer of multi-junction solar cell technology from Sandia National
Laboratories. In 2014, SolAero bought the space photovoltaics business of EMCORE. Today, SolAero occupies two facilities in the Park that total 165,000 sq. ft.

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