News ItemMay Park Post 2017

DTG Moves in the Park
Diakonos Technology Group (DTG) recently opened its office in the SS&TP. DTG, located at TEAM Technologies, is a managed IT provider specializing in small- to medium-sized enterprises. They work to become an integral part of their
clients’ businesses by engineering and maintaining their technology solutions, enabling their clients to focus on running and managing their businesses. More at

MCAD Open House at Sandia
The SS&TP Program Office partnered with Sandia National Laboratories’ Procurement Office to arrange an open house showcasing MCAD Technologies’ 3D printing and scanning capabilities for interested Sandians. MCAD is located in the SS&TP, and the event was held in the Innovation Parkway Office Center (IPOC) Supplier Lobby, also in the Park. Over 43 people attended the event, where MCAD staff demonstrated portable Creaform scanners commonly used for reverse engineering and first article inspection, as well as Stratasys 3D printers. More info at

TEAM Accelerator Program
TEAM Technologies is leading an Accelerator Program at their facility located in the SS&TP. The engineering, development, and manufacturing project is funded by the City of Albuquerque to support Albuquerque’s high tech entrepreneurs on the continuum from Minimal Viable Product (MVP) through manufacturable product launch. Six entrepreneurs selected by TEAM are receiving design, development, and build services. More at

NELHA Tours the SS&TP

Laurence Sombardier, Chief Business Development Officer from the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA), a State of Hawaii economic development agency, recently visited the SS&TP. The agency runs an 870-acre tech park in Kona, HI, with a focus on ocean and energy technologies. Laurence toured the SS&TP and was briefed on Sandia’s economic development programs. As NELHA continues to develop their park, they are interested in seeing
what other parks like the SS&TP are doing and are looking for potential areas of collaboration.

Entrepreneur Exploration
The New Mexico Tech Second Annual Inventors & Entrepreneurs Workshop, A Business Start-Up Conference, was recently held in Socorro. The workshop focused on the progression of ideas from conception to market. Jackie Kerby Moore, manager of Technology and Economic Development at Sandia, participated on one of the panels covering the key steps in going from idea to initial prototype or first iteration of an idea or design. Over 180 participants attended the workshop, including several investors from New York City and the Bay Area.

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