News ItemNovember 2013 Park Post

MicroNet Solutions Inc. (MSI) – Analytical Solutions Inc. (ASI), a company in the SS&TP, was recently sold to Integra Technologies LLC, and will retain the ASI name as part of the sale. Gary Downing is currently the main point of contact for the company. Mike Strizich, former ASI President, spun out the Trusted Security Analysis portion of ASI to form a new company known as MSI, where he is now President. The newly formed business is located at 10501 Research Road SE in the SS&TP. MSI will focus on Security Analysis and Pix2Net Circuit Extraction Software. For more information, visit; The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History The Museum recently received the fuselage, wings, and engines of an iconic Boeing B-47 Stratojet aircraft, the country’s first swept- wing, multiengine bomber. It represented a milestone in aviation history and a revolution in aircraft design. At 107 ft. long, with a wing span of 116 ft., the aircraft will reside at the Museum’s outdoor exhibit area, Heritage Park. The Museum is actively raising money to complete the full exhibit, which will include reassembly of this historic airplane. This outdoor exhibit for visitor viewing will be completed soon. Visit for more information; SS&TP Community Advisory Council Meeting The SS&TP Community Advisory Council convened on October 29 at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Park and Community leaders gathered to provide guidance and input on current and future activities at the Park; Mission: Graduate News Conference Raytheon, a company in the SS&TP, along with many local employers and education leaders, hosted a news conference on October 21 to kick-off Mission: Graduate, a cradle-to-career initiative with broad community support. The goal is to add 60,000 new college degrees by the year 2020. The program was launched at Raytheon due to the company’s strong emphasis on education opportunities for its workforce as well as its high-tech job opportunities. The United Way of Central New Mexico is providing resources for the initial infrastructure, and a number of public and private partners have already committed to roles of leadership for the initiative. For more information, visit

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