News ItemOctober Park Post 2018

AOT Awarded Phase II SBIR Funding – Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT), a company in the SS&TP, was awarded a Phase II SBIR from the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials & Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/RX) to develop its Polarization-Classification Imaging (PCI) sensor and technique to characterize titanium alloys. Titanium has become a very important material in fighter jets and commercial airplanes.  Techniques are needed to qualify how strong the material is both before use and during its lifetime. PCI is nondestructive, requires less sample preparation, and is at least 100 times faster and can image larger areas  compared to current techniques such as Electron Back Scattering Diffraction (EBSD).

SS&TP Company Leadership & Partner Picnic – The annual picnic, recently held at Ted Hobbs Park, was an informal BBQ gathering to celebrate the Sandia Science & Technology Park’s (SS&TP) 20-year anniversary and acknowledge Park leaders and community partners for their ongoing support of the SS&TP. It was an opportunity for everyone to network and meet people from new companies who have recently moved into the park. The event was sponsored by the Sandia Science & Technology Park Development Corporation (SSTPDC).

Pillars of the Park Award – Dan Hartley, Former Vice President of Sandia National Laboratories, and Sherman McCorkle, Chairman of the Board of the SSTPDC, received “Pillars of the Park” awards in a ceremony at the annual picnic. They were recognized for their vision and efforts to create the SS&TP. More than 100 people from throughout the community attended to congratulate Dan and Sherman on this special honor.

“The SS&TP is a successful public-private partnership that has had a positive impact on the community. Sandia is committed to continuing to grow the Park through collaboration, bringing long-term, high-quality jobs and economic prosperity to the city, county and state.” Steve Younger, Laboratories Director (2017- Present), Sandia National Laboratories

“The SS&TP is a great idea – an idea whose time has come. We have opened up enormous portions of our laboratory for participation by industry. The engine of industry is technology, and that’s what we’re all about.” Paul Robinson, Former President and Laboratories Director (1995-2005), Sandia National Laboratories

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