News ItemSeptember 2016 Park Post

AEgis Receives Assistance from NMSBA – AEgis Technologies, whose laser laboratory in the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP) supports its efforts in High Energy Laser (HEL) sensors and instrumentation, will partner with Sandia National Laboratories through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) Program. Sandia principal investigator John Bellum and his team will consult with the company for the design and production of high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) coatings on optics. This may include designing coatings and evaluating coatings to determine their suitability with continuous-wave (CW) laser engagements. The project may also include Sandia sample coatings being tested by the company’s CW laser and then having the coatings returned to the Lab for analysis.

RED, Inc. Graphic Arts Team Wins Creativity Awards – Recently, a number of Red Inc. Communications employees won prestigious design awards. The company creates communication materials for national laboratories across the Department of Energy complex, including Sandia. Three artists won recognition from the Summit International Awards, which celebrates creative achievements of small- and medium-sized advertising and design agencies worldwide. RED, Inc. artists also received seven Communicator Awards (two gold and five silver) presented by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts in their international competition honoring excellence in marketing and communication.

Park Company Partners with ONR – FASORtronics LLC, a company located in the SS&TP, recently completed its second phase of a research contract with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) where they remotely measured Earth’s geomagnetic field at 92 km altitude using a laser. This was a measurement not obtainable by high altitude balloons or satellites, and was the first time this type of measurement was made. A value northeast of Tucson, Arizona of 45441 nT was measured with an error of 1.9 nT, easily within the range of sophisticated magnetic field models.

Center for Collaboration and Commercialization – The C3 Summer Social featuring Kaktus and Marble breweries was recently hosted at TEAM Technologies, located in the SS&TP. This social was an opportunity for Sandians, entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders to network and celebrate being a part of Albuquerque’s dynamic startup ecosystem. Everyone shared the spirit of innovation and enjoyed some of Albuquerque’s best craft beer. Food and drinks were sponsored by Brycon Construction and Technology Ventures Corporation. Over 160 people attended the social.

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