Economic Impact

Economic Impact Assessment announcement

On hand for presentation of the Economic Impact Assessment: Dewey Cave, Mid-Region Council of Governments; Andy McIlroy, Sandia National Laboratories; Jackie Kerby Moore, Sandia National Laboratories; Mayor Richard J. Berry, City of Albuquerque; Dan Sanchez, NNSA Sandia Field Office; and Sherman McCorkle, Sandia Science & Technology Park Development Corporation.

Park Metrics*

Park Metrics Results
Number of Companies & Organizations 42
Number of Employees 2,163
Number of Buildings 25
Available Space (out of 1.1 Million sq. ft.) 113,946
Available Land (out of 340 acres) 215
Funds-In and In-Kind Services to Sandia from Park Companies since 1998 $30 M
Contracts from Sandia to Park Companies since 1998 $611 M
Contracts between Park Companies since 1998 $12.5 M
Public and Private Investment in the Park since 1998 Public $89 M
Private $286.5 M
Total (Public and Private) $375.5 M

*Company and building data were updated in October 2015. Funds-In, contracts, and investment data were updated in December 2015.

Economic Impact Assessment (1998-2015)**

Jobs Created*** Results
Direct Jobs Created by Entities in the Park 2,470
Indirect Jobs Created as a Result of the Park 4,123
Total Jobs Created (Direct Plus Indirect) 6,593
Increase in Tax Revenue
Cumulative Impact on Taxable Consumption (Goods and Services) $2.6 B
Cumulative Impact on Gross Receipts Tax Revenue to the State of New Mexico $103.1 M
Cumulative Impact on Gross Receipts Tax Revenue to City of Albuquerque $15.2 M
Increase in Wages
Cumulative Increase in Wage and Salary Disbursements Attributable to Park Activities $4.4 B
Salary Comparison
Average Salary for Each Full-Time Job in the Park $83 K
Average Salary for Each Full-Time Job in Albuquerque $44 K

**The Mid-Region Council of Governments used the Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) PI+ Model to do the assessment of the SS&TP’s impact from May 1998 through December 2015.
***The SS&TP had their highest levels of employment in 2011. These figures reflect peak impacts of the SS&TP since its inception in 1998.
NOTE: Park was founded in 1998