Fiber Network

Orbit Network

The ORBIT Network is the Sandia Science & Technology Park’s own fiber optic communications backbone, customized to meet the needs of the SS&TP technology community.

ORBIT Provides

  • Fiber optics – the fastest transmission medium commercially available
  • State-of-the-art technology with ring architecture and digital facilities
  • Quick and easy fiber optic access to all Park tenants
  • Video, voice, and data service from alternate providers

The ORBIT Alternative

Are you planning new phone and internet service at the SS&TP? Or do you want to improve your current service? Then consider the ORBIT Network. With ORBIT you have options. We’re the high-tech portal to new systems and alternate providers.

  • Modern, high-speed, high-quality and reliable service over broadband connections
  • Expanded voice services
    • Local service
    • Long distance
    • Traditional or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • Data Services
    • Internet
    • Private networks
    • E-Mail
    • Remote access
  • Special Connections
    • Direct high-speed links
    • Integrated infrastructure

For service details contact Carl Becker by email at lcbecke AT sandia DOT gov or phone at 505-385-0288.