News ItemJanuary 2019 Park Post

New Companies and Organizations
Core Invention is a certified veteran-owned small business that offers a wide range of novel and emergent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, artificial consciousness, intelligence gathering and processing systems, and no-contact user interface systems.

Psigenics offers a wide range of advanced technologies such as ultra-high-speed quantum random number generators, artificial intelligence, human-machine interface and question-answering

Xertrix Technologies manufactures made-to-order high precision machined parts, components, and assemblies produced from metals, plastics, and machinable ceramics.

Increasing Funding, Jobs, Revenues, Products & Services, and Startups
Advanced Optical Technologies was awarded a Phase II SBIR from the AFRL Materials & Manufacturing Directorate to develop its Polarization-Classification Imaging (PCI) sensor and technique to characterize titanium alloys.

MediNatura launched several new products, including ReBoost Cough Syrup, and brought back Traumeel® ointment to the U.S. market after it was absent for the past two years.

MicroNet Solutions was one of three companies awarded $800M to provide engineering services to help the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) develop technology insertions and applications in support of the U.S. DoD’s requirements.

NMA Ventures will be investing $4.2M in New Mexico tech startups and has already deployed $300K.

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies launched On- Demand Manufacturing with Carbon to deliver cost-effective, quality parts in volumes of 2,000-5,000 in about one week.

Raytheon Company was selected to a lead $79M U.S. Navy contract to work on a new advanced telemetry system for the Navy’s Range Support Aircraft. Raytheon also built a new, high-powered microwave weapon to down swarms of incoming drones and missiles which was tested by the U.S. military.

Red, Inc. Communications was awarded a one-year contract with Sandia, five-year contract with NREL, and five-year contract with Columbus Air Force Base for their technical writing, graphic and web design, video production, and photography services.

SolAero Technologies won a contract from SSL to deliver solar panels populated with SolAero’s industry-leading, 32.0% IMM multi-junction solar cells.

Stone Lion Environmental won a new five-year contract with Sandia National Laboratories for disassembly and sanitization operations support.

SS&TP Economic Impact, as measured by an analysis conducted by the Mid-Region Council of Governments, was announced at a news conference with City of Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, Sandia Laboratories Director Steve Younger, and NNSA Sandia Field Office Manager Jeff Harrell.

“Pillars of the Park” Awards were given to Dan Hartley, Former Vice President of Sandia, and Sherman McCorkle, Chairman of the Board of the Sandia Science & Technology Park Development Corporation, at the annual SS&TP Company Leadership & Partner Picnic celebrating the Park’s 20-year anniversary. They were recognized for their vision and efforts to create the SS&TP.

U.S. Economic Development Administration’s 2018 Star of the Southwest Award was given to the SS&TP for representing a high level of success by demonstrating economic impact while also playing a meaningful role in the community’s future.

Applied Technology Associates was honored as one of New Mexico’s top 2017 revenue-producing companies at the annual New Mexico Technology Flying 40 awards ceremony. The company employs 307 people and had revenues of $56 million.

Sandia testified before the New Mexico Legislature’s Interim Economic & Rural Development Committee about the SS&TP’s 20-year history, successes, and economic impact at the request of former New Mexico State representative Jim Dines.

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