Park Post Newsletter

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October 2015 Park Post»

  • SS&TP Company Leadership & Partner Picnic
  • The QC Group Provides Fast Turnaround
  • CINT Annual User Meeting
  • Center for Collaboration and Commercialization

September 2015 Park Post»

  • KAFB Economic Impact
  • See and Learn at the Museum
  • Center for Collaboration and Commercialization

August 2015 Park Post»

  • AEgis Acquires Company
  • New Equipment Increases MSI Capacity
  • School in Session Soon for TLHS
  • Center for Collaboration and Commercialization

July 2015 Park Post»

  • ATA Receives Flying 40 Award
  • SS&TP CEO Todd Bisio is On the Move
  • Available Space in the SS&TP
  • Center for Commercialization and Collaboration (C3) New

June 2015 Park Post»

  • GAITS and PPC Merge
  • New SS&TP Organization Tech Leadership High School
  • Company Leadership Luncheon
  • Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3)

May 2015 Park Post»

  • SolAero to Acquire Alliance Spacesystems
  • Innovative Reasoning Moves to the Park
  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Visits the Park
  • Center for Collaboration & Commercialization News

April 2015 Park Post»

  • Qynergy Moves to the Park
  • Portal Locks Moves to the Park
  • Sandia Launches New Entrepreneurial Exploration & Training Program

March 2015 Park Post»

  • TEAM Technologies Accelerator
  • New Mexico State Land Office Visit
  • STEM Day
  • Center for Collaboration & Commercialization (C3)